Support Files

File Description
Workstation Setup
(5.9 MB - exe)
In order to run Write-On 2.0 remotely from a server, you must also install all the necessary support files in the target workstations. We strongly recommend that you consult your IT department for installation of Write-On 2.0 on a local area network.
MDAC Version 2.8.1
(5.3 MB - exe)
Write-On 2.0 requires that MDAC 2.8 SP1 and JET 4.0 SP8 be installed on your computer prior to its installation. If you are running Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (or higher) and have followed up on all critical Windows updates, these components should already be in your computer.

If you were directed to this component it is probably because you have an older version of Windows and must install the latest MDAC and JET 4.0 components onto your system. After successfully downloading the file, simply execute it and follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. MDAC is a Microsoft component. More information regarding MDAC can be obtained by visiting Microsoft Support Centre.

To downloads the latest version of JET 4.0 SP8 specific to your system, please visit Microsoft at

You may require administrative privileges to install executable files onto your computer. Consult your IT department for more information.